We create winning direct mail programs by matching high quality creative content with precise targeting.


Even in the digital age, direct mail remains the cornerstone of winning campaigns by placing the campaign’s message into the hands of the voter.


Our team creates micro-targeted universes based on demographics, geography, and polling, which allows campaigns to send relevant messages to specific groups of voters, without paying for non-targeted voters to see that message.


Targeting the Right Voters
Our team works with campaigns to create universes suited for the task at hand. Whether it’s a contrast piece being sent to a particular demographic, a persuasion piece being sent to undecided voters, or a ballot chase piece sent to supporters who haven’t yet mailed in their early ballot, we will design the right piece for the right universe.


Creating Accurate Audiences

We use the most current voter file data available and constantly update our universes to remove voters who already mailed back their ballots.


Understanding Early Voting
We want to communicate with each voter at the right time. With the growing popularity of early voting, the right time might be 30 days before an election for an early voter, or it might be the weekend before the election for a poll voter. We don’t do one-size-fits all mail schedules. Each mail program and universe are different, and our team understands how to craft the right schedule for the right audience.


Using the Right Creative – For Direct Mail to be successful it needs to grab the voter’s attention and deliver a simple, effective and memorable message. Our team knows how to cut through the noise and deliver effective messages.



In 2019, Lane Santa Cruz was a first-time candidate with an outstanding reputation running for the Tucson City Council. For years Lane had earned a reputation as a hard-working community organizer and activist who spoke truth to power. She valued authenticity over political expediency. It was important to Lane that she remain true to herself and her values throughout every aspect of the campaign. That meant that her direct mail needed to look, feel, and sound like her. Lane commissioned a local artist to create a campaign poster in the style of a “loteria” card. The resulting piece inspired the entire direct mail program, from colors and fonts, to design and content.

The first piece used the original loteria card as the cover, and told voters who Lane was, where she came from, and what she planned to do in office. Studies have shown voters often leave offices blank on their ballot if they feel they don’t have enough information to make an informed decision. To combat that predilection, we designed an eight-page booklet that gave voters as much information as possible about our candidate. Our team realized not every voter would read every page. But the piece was designed to convey a lot about the candidate regardless of how much of the piece they read.


After the intro booklet was mailed we sent three smaller postcards, each focusing on an issue of particular significance to our voters. “Investing In Youth”, “Respecting Our Elders”, and “Representation Matters”.


Lane’s closing piece was an 8.5”x11” flat that demonstrated the overwhelming community support she had received throughout the course of the campaign.


This bilingual postcard served three functions. First, it informed voters they should have received their ballot, and told them how to obtain a replacement ballot if necessary. Second, it informed voters where they could take their ballot on election day if they didn’t want to return their ballot by mail. Third, it provided the phone number and website for the City of Tucson in case the voter had questions about voting.  voters that they needed to return their mail-in ballots as soon as possible.

The second chase postcard was the final piece mailed. The mailing was timed so it hit mailboxes one day after voters needed to have mailed back their ballots. We informed voters it was too late to mail back their ballots, and instructed them where to go on election day to vote. Just as before, the piece offered resources and detailed information about voting.


Lane Santa Cruz won a heavily contested four-way Democratic Primary and an at-large General Election and now serves as the City Council Member for Tucson’s Ward One.


We had an amazing candidate, who had an amazing piece of art commissioned for her campaign, and we designed and executed a mail program that matched.






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